Thursday, September 13, 2012

CRM 2011 Online Programatic Report Generation

CRM 2011 Online Programatic Report Generation isnt possible through the API.

Microsoft knows about the feature gap. They recommend we vote for it on connect. This is the highest voted item in connect for it: give it a vote with your live id?

My scenario is for a customer who wants to auto create order reports and email them -- I have no solution other than recommending they move to on-premise.


We want to generate Reports programmatically in a CRM-online environment (exported to PDF and/or word).

There appears to be a way to achieve this in a crm-online environment posted in this blog: The logic behind it looks like it should work – since you can perform these actions via the web interface they must resolve into requests and responses so we can use XMLHttpRequests to get the data. The blog has many comments so it looks like the pitfalls have been addressed. 

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